Monday, July 29, 2013

Super Sireyna Kim Chiu Nude Pictures Released, WTF!

WTF! I watched the Grand Finals of Super Sireyna last Saturday and, although Super Sireyna Queen of Tourism Marian Rivera didn't win, I was happy with the winner because he gave a very good answer. I was disappointed because my bet didn't win but I enjoyed watching the entire show.

Super Sireyna Kim Chiu, Naked
(Image Credit: Various Internet Sources [From Google Search])

Today, someone told me that the Grand Winner or Queen of Queens of Super Sireyna, Queen of the Jungle Kim Chiu, has nude pictures himself posted in the internet. I immediately googled "super sireyna nude pictures" and, guest what, the result that I got from my search did show nude pictures of the Super Sireyna Queen of Queens.

Of course, my google search also showed, not only pictures, articles or blog posts from various Philippine Entertainment websites, portals, forums and blogs that talked about the scandalous pictures. Some of these blog posts or articles mentioned something about dethroning her of her Queen of Queen Title.

Well, my opinion about this issue is, if they can prove that those pictures are real and not photoshopped or faked then I think they should but, until then, I think people shouldn't jump into conclusions. Remember, we are in the digital age where everything can be faked.

Not to mention the fact that the person in the picture or pictures can also be just a look-a-like of Kim Chiu. Remember, the Super Sireyna Queen of Queen was nicknamed Kim Chiu because of his facial resemblance to the actress. Obviously, he is not the only Kim Chiu look-a-like out there.

Anyway, my point is, until it's proven that it was him in the nude pictures, everyone should just stay cool and get off his back because the truth always reveals itself in the end.

By the way, I'm not defending the guy specially when he's not even my bet in the contest. LOL! It's just that the over-reaction of some people in the internet is amazing. Let's just wait and see what happens next.


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  1. galing sa isang pinoy transgender site ang mga pictures kaya hindi fake yung pictures


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