Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paul Jr. And Paul Jr. Designs Returns To TV Soon

My Favorite Show In Discovery Channel

American Chopper was one of my favorite shows in Discovery Channel but I only started watching it when Junior separated with his father, Senior. I've known about the show even before the split but, for some reason, I just didn't enjoy seeing Senior on the show.

(Image Credit: Shooters Images)

When they split and Paul Jr. started Paul Jr. Designs, that was when I started watching American Chopper but only Paul Jr.'s part of the show. I never bothered with the Orange Country Chopper's part of it. In fact, I remember changing channel every time OCC or Senior was on.

Missing Paul Jr. And His Bikes

Paul Jr.'s Custom Theme Bikes are awesome and the way he builds them is simply amazing because he builds them on the fly without drawings, blueprints or schematics. All the bikes he built in the show came out of his head spontaneously.

With Paul Jr., all the bikes he built were a surprise and that's what I enjoy about his process. It's not a very efficient and cost effective way of building a bike but it was definitely exciting and enjoyable to watch.

OCC's building process was more efficient and cost effective but it wasn't exciting because everyone already knew what the bike would look like even before they started building it.

Paul Jr. Will Return To Television Soon

Yes, I was very happy when I learned about it. This news about Paul Jr. returning to television first appeared on Design By Joyce's Paul Jr. Fan Page.

According to the posted news, Paul Jr. was working with a production company called Gurney Productions. A few of its popular television shows are Duck Dynasty, Auction Hunters and American Guns. All of which are unfamiliar to me. LOL!

In any case, Paul Jr. and Paul Jr. Designs returning to television is a very exciting news for all the fans of PJD. I want to see him and his team create new, exciting and amazing Custom Theme Bikes that are both jaw dropping and mind blowing.


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  1. When is his new show coming out? Doyou know?


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